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Ethiopia is a large, diverse country even by African standards. Its unique facet is that apart from 6 years of Italian Occupation, it has never been colonised. Very few foreigners have left any cultural influence. The Scottish explorer, James Bruce, wrote in his Travels to Discover The Source of the Nile of the extraordinary beauty and fascination of 'Abyssinia' in the 1760's.timket celebrations

Despite the rich cultural history of Ethiopia, and the beauty of its landscape, it is still perceived as a country that withholds many secrets.

It was difficult to visit Ethiopia from 1974-1991 due to a harsh military regime called the derg. Powerful television images from the 1980's of famine and refugee camps are the dominant influence in most people's minds. Ethiopian Venture aims to change that perception and expose the potential for travel and discovery in a land that remains one of the least explored countries of the world. Click here for a political, historical and cultural background to Ethiopia.gorge



Current visitor profile:

  • 65% of visitors come for the historic route of Gonder, Lalibela and Axum
  • Most are middle aged and upwards, well travelled and well educated
  • Those that do visit are not the average "Kenya safari" tourist
  • Trekking is popular, again amongst middle aged groups
  • Bird watching is popular amongst all ages
  • "Ethnic tourism" amongst the tribes of the Omo Valley (southern Ethiopia) appeals to 30 year olds upwards
  • Rafting, again in the Omo, is mainly booked by older groups




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