Altitude (metres)

Rock Type


Cave Description



Wolde Beri cave, Mesobit, Bichena, Gojam



Jt Antolo Limestone

High limestone escarpment; 500m long and average 100m high. Some exposed faultlines. Cave used as shelter during the Italian Occupation.

Entrance reached through faultline which narrowed into a cave. 0.5m wide entry into cave. 1st chamber: 20m high and widened to 1m. Blind alleys to 4m off 1st chamber. 2 stalagmites located from cave sides (approx. 1.5m high off cave floor). Stalactites and other decorations present

01 "Evans-Lombe": 37cm long / 9cm wide02 "Riley": 38cm long / 12cm wide


Enda Abab Gerima cave, May Makden, Tigray



Jtc Antolo limestone (Marl with black coquina and sandy limestone)

Makden River / Hadamn Shet valley (dry), limestone cliff 10m high. Cave entrance on north side

Open entrance facing East; 5m high, 2m wide. Cave is 8m front to back. Crawl through to possible second chamber (v. low ceiling). Stalactites & stalagmites in profusion. 3 samples of latter taken (nos. 03 (smallest), 04 (medium), 05 (largest)

03: 14cm long / 12cm wide04: 24cm long / 24cm wide05: 28cm long / 23.5cm wide


Hadmet Cave, Kworiora River gorge near Adi Idaga, Hagere Selam, Tigray



'Jta' Antolo limestone (finely crystalline sandy limestone and marl)

Waterfall marking semi-circ. fault line (height 100m, width 120m), west facing, where river Kworiora crosses Jta limestone into Adigrat sandstone. Overhang ceiling (width 20m, length 80m) creates arena of karstic scenery behind waterfall (80m long, 20m wide, 100m high). Route behind fall leads the entire 80m, small blind caves in rock wall. Massive stalactite clusters above (max. 3m long). Caves containing live speleotherms at N end. Entrance to route 'male' only.

Climb 4m from floor level at Northern extent to arrive at small cave; entrance 1.5m wide, 2m high. Cave depth 4m. Many 'live' dry and wet season (?) speleotherms evident. Two 'dry season (?)' stalagmites on cave floor removed. Largest stalagmite 0.5m high (wet season?). Speleotherms all white, wet, shiny. Constant sound of rushing water behind cave indicates exploration potential deeper in. Routes not seen.

06: 23cm long / 11cm wide07: 25cm long / 17cm wide