The following have contributed to Ethiopian Venture, either in kind or through direct financial support, for which we are extremely grateful:-

 hilton logo

The Hilton Hotel - acted as a communication base for the team during the fieldwork of the first phase of EV. Generously gave accommodation and facilities for a press conference held at the end of the field phase

Mill-tek Computer Solutions - suppliers of hard ware / software to Ethiopian Venture including remote e-mail facility


eclipse logo

Eclipse Ltd - providers of Ethiopian Venture's website - the lifestyle site of the 21st Century

ciba vision logo

Cibavision - suppliers of 'Night and Day' contact lenses to Ethiopian Venture distributed through Focalpoint Opticians (020 8748 1666)

cotswold logo

Cotswold Outdoor - suppliers of equipment to Ethiopian Venture


DHL - for transporting our stalagmite samples back to the UK


green howards badge

1st Battalion The Green Howards - for their support


Our hearty thanks also go to:


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