Ethiopian Venture does not end in April 2000!


Phase I Executive summary:

1. Climate Reconstruction fieldwork completed. Analysis of samples will be reported at end of phase II.
2. Famine Food research completed. Report to UNDP.
3. Tourism strategy outlined. Research framework established. Next report line at end of phase III.


Phase II: Report date 31 January 2001

1. Climate reconstruction. Sample analysis report.
Is additional sampling needed before phase III?


Phase III: Report date 31 December 2001

1. Climate reconstruction. Feasibility study for AAU laboratory. To answer:
a. What is the corporate status of Ethiopian Venture?
b. What is the finance plan?
c. How will the laboratory be integrated by AAU?
d. Who will study in UK to learn reconstruction skills/techniques?
e. How will the lab be operated?
f. How will fieldwork be conducted in the future?
g. Who else will be involved?
h. How will the research impact on federal and regional policy?

2. Tourism Strategy Update.





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